Start ups

We believe that great entrepreneurs come in all shapes and sizes and from all walks of life, we accept applications from companies of all industries and at all stages.

Our program for Start-up Entrepreneurs is designed for entrepreneurs that see a value in being surrounded by experts with previous experience of starting a business, running them and growing them. We do this by supporting them in several ways: –


By becoming part of our community, entrepreneurs will meet other entrepreneurs that know how they feel and can offer them support and encouragement which will prove invaluable.


You will have access to our network of Associates, Partners and Professionals who will be there to make sure we make a success of your business. We also allocate one of our associates to you to act as a guardian, sounding board, mentor and day to day friend.


We will be there to hold your hand through the entire process, growth, investment, branding, marketing and advice for your business for the years to come.


Thanks to our contact network, our entrepreneurs enjoy building relationships and partnerships that ordinarily wouldn’t be possible, we are here to add value, sales and advice to your plans.