We support business in all forms, start-ups, turnarounds or growth strategy. We start off with a consultation, understand the business and its needs, we then work with you to plan where you need to get too, how to achieve this and advise along that journey.

Stage 1 – Identify

We help define or build a business plan. This is your go-to-market strategy to ensure you have the greatest chance of success. We ensure that all eventualities are identified and planned for right from the start. We also ensure that your sales targets can be achieved, and, research has been done ensuring credible sources of information have been obtained. We will also introduce our own network of contacts to increase your projections.

Stage 2 – Investment

Once the business plan is finalised we will understand what funding requirements are needed. Most businesses under-estimate the costs of running a business, and, how long it takes to gain revenue traction. We advise on building this into the plan to ensure our entrepreneurs have the right funding in place right at the start. We then put this in front of our investors to gain the necessary funding, or part funding that the business needs, we then use other investors, high net worth individuals and investor crowd sites, but we aim to have 30-60% of funding in place before putting the plan externally.

Stage 3 – Incubate

Once we have gained your funding we then manage all the back-end functions of the business which includes; all Finance functions, back end Marketing, Legal, IT, HR, Admin, Software, Procurement and Training for your people. This allows our entrepreneurs to focus on what they are good at, leaving the office functions to Incuhub’s dedicated employed personnel. These disciplines are normally only ever thought of and implemented by medium to larger SME’s due to the cost of the skills and resources needed to successfully execute them.